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My Bio

Darth Peake is mischievous and moody soul originally from Corellia. Like most sith, he is governed by mood swings brought on by the actions of others. Although typical upbeat, his mood change direction like the wind. He has been seen a lot, as of late, in the Ixian quarter of Kaitain and in the central region of the Great Lakes Basin on Earth. He governs a world, of some significance, near the Corporate Sector named Peake's world. He lives just outside the capital city, Kasierstadt, in his mot-and-bailey. Little is known of his family or place of birth, but he was born on Corellia about 25 years ago. At 13, he became the apprentice to Lord Kasier, a Sith Lord, and ruler of what will be known as Peake's World. On Darth Peake's 20th Birthday, Five Jedi came to his master's world. In an epic battle of force-users, his master, Lord Kasier, had slain three of the Jedi before he too was slain. At the sight of his fallen master, he dispatches the final two Jedi with so much anger and fury he shattered the red emitter crystal of his lightsaber. Then Darth Peake picks up a lightsaber of a fallen padawan and proclaims himself the ruler of Peake's world. His social life is not well documented and thus not included. He enjoys traveling in his private railcar on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, hunting domesticated canidaes on Peake's world, planning future Military conquests, and studding histories of many worlds.

My Occupation

Dark Lord of The Sith and de facto Ruler of Peake's World

My Hobbies

Model Railroading, Sci-F / Fantasy / Alternate history, American & German (mainly 1815-1918) History, Liberal Politics, and the sims 2

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